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Job Title
Executive Manager: Economic Development Coordination and Sector Support (5 Year Fixed Term)
Employment Type
8 to 10 years
Job Published
13 November 2023
Job Reference No.

Job Description


Responsible for leading economic development coordination and sector support at a regional office level. The role entails activities relating to:

  • Identification of economic development opportunities;
  • Undertaking of/or facilitation of project/programme feasibility assessments;
  • Designing and structuring of economic development interventions;
  • Identification and empowerment of beneficiary participants and stakeholders;
  • Development of appropriate project/programme funding model,
  • Facilitation of funding including resource mobilisation;
  • Leveraging of third party and partner resource contribution;
  • Directing and monitoring of the implementation of regionally designated economic development programmes/projects;
  • Fepresenting the Entity in relevant economic development and sector support forums including District Development Model based structures/forums; and
  • Management of stakeholders and partners relating to the economic development space.
  • The economic development function involves activation and support of high potential industry value chains clusters and sectors.


Minimum Requirements:

  • Bachelor's Degree in Commerce or Development Studies
  • 8+ years work experience in an economic or development management environment
  • 5+ years in a management, supervisory or consultancy level.


Key Duties and Responsibilities

Strategic Planning and Governance

  • Provide input to the organisational strategy, as well as reviewing organisational activities and recommend corrective actions if necessary.
  • Develop unit operational plans and align all activities undertaken in the unit to ensure delivery of corporate objectives.
  • Enhance and implement treasury systems, processes, procedures, tools, and control systems.
  • Implement controls within the section which minimize potential risk to stakeholders.
  • Ensure monthly, quarterly, and annual reports are prepared accurately, maintained, and submitted timeously to all stakeholders.
  • Participate in management forums within the entity contributing expertise to enable sound decision making.
  • Facilitate inter-departmental communication through appropriate structures and systems.
  • Manage preparation and support of all internal and external audits.
  • Develop and manage relationships with all internal and external stakeholders.


Economic Development Coordination for Eastern Cape

  • Develop Project Concept documents, and present proposed projects for approval by Executives / EXMA / Board.
  • Enhance and implement treasury systems, processes, procedures, tools, and control systems.
  • Manage and co-ordinate economic development projects for the EC Province and conduct viability assessment studies on each project.
  • Strengthen relations with relevant stakeholders for the implementation of the identified projects, and secure contracts/SLAs.
  • Manage and coordinate Project Steering Committees (PSCs) for the provision of oversight and information-sharing sessions.


Facilitation and Leveraging of development opportunities

  • Identify catalytic economic development projects and conduct preliminary viability assessments.
  • Develop a viable project pipeline for the regions to create an atmosphere of development and an enhanced production.
  • Facilitate and leverage economic development opportunities that are linked to mega/catalytic developments.
  • Present project funding proposals to Project Committee for approvals.
  • Mobilise for resources, develop and submit funding proposals to various entities to ensure project success.


Economic Sector Support

  • Establish strategic relationships with National, Provincial and Local Government.
  • Identify opportunities for procurement from the Government Departments and municipalities for strategic sourcing.
  • Develop a SMME database in line with Government strategic sourcing priorities.
  • Determine support requirements for SMME's i.e. funding, non-financial and capacity requirements (factors of production).
  • Facilitate access to market for SMME products as well as linkages with government and municipalities.


Budget Management of Unit

  • Manage and control the capital and operational budget of the Unit to ensure effective and efficient functioning within budgetary constraints.
  • Evaluate the unit’s performance against the approved budget and addressing deviations/variances.
  • Monitor, recommend and implement corrective measures to rectify deviations/acts contrary to budgetary provisions, financial regulations, audit requirements and departmental procedures.
  • Authorise requisitions, payments, etc. regarding expenditure as delegated, and prepare budget transfer requests and submit for approval.
  • Prepare and present reports detailing the status of expenditure and availability of funds for current and short-term interventions.
  • Sound planning and forecasting of capital expenditure within area of responsibility


Customer and Stakeholder Management

  • Conduct stakeholder mapping and relationship building sessions for purposes of establishing expectations and feedback on regional performance.
  • Manage internal / external stakeholder engagements to inform economic development planning and project implementation approaches and manage expectations.
  • Gauge the performance of projects and recommend areas that need improvement and changes to achieve the expected outcomes.
  • Prepare and report on performance against targets, explain variances and propose corrective measures.
  • Present Economic Development Plans to Stakeholders to encourage inclusivity and invite progressive inputs for the benefit of all.
  • Communicate sub-unit operational plans and strategy to relevant stakeholders.



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