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Job Title
Senior Manager - Enterprise Finance
Employment Type
5 to 10 years
Job Published
13 November 2023
Job Reference No.

Job Description

The incumbent shall be responsible for the following:

  • To lead, direct and co-ordinate the provision of enterprise finance services constituting of long- and short-term loans, risk capital, micro lending, and third-party funding to promote access to finance by business and SMME,
  • for attainment of growth and development priorities of the Eastern Cape province.

The role is also responsible for the design of responsive enterprise finance products and provision of related support services.

Functions relating to the enterprise finance role entail:

  • The design and management of processes and systems relating to loan applications, processing, approvals, feedback management, pay-outs, collections, monitoring and reporting.

Functions relating to support services entail:

  • Design and formulation of governance and administrative systems required for the effective rendering of enterprise finance services.

Additionally, the role shall be responsible for overseeing client contracting and management of securities relating to approved loans.

The Senior Manager shall be expected to manage the performance of the loans book particularly matters relating to collection and impairment rates.

The Key Performance Areas will encompass:

Strategic Planning and Governance

  • Provide input to the organisational strategy and Corporate Plan.
  • Provide input into reviewing organisational activities and assist in recommending corrective actions if necessary.
  • Develop unit operational plans and align all activities undertaken in the unit to ensure delivery of corporate objectives.
  • Enhance and implement treasury regulation systems, processes, procedures, tools, and control systems.
  • Ensure monthly, quarterly, and annual reports are prepared accurately, maintained, and submitted timeously to all stakeholders.
  • Implement controls within the section which minimize potential risk to stakeholders.
  • Manage preparation and support of all internal and external audits.
  • Participate in management forums within the organisation, contributing expertise to enable sound decision making.
  • Facilitate departmental communication through appropriate structures and systems.
  • Develop and manage relationships with all internal and external stakeholders.

Provision of management and oversight of funding solutions.

  • Design and package relevant funding solutions to address the financial needs of businesses/SMMEs including the following:
  1. Short- and long-term loan products
  2. Risk capital
  3. Partneships and resource mobilisation
  4. Micro- lending .
  • Monitoring of the implementation of the loan security regime.
  • Manage and oversee the provision of funding solutions to improve the sustainability of businesses.
  • Develop and ensure that loan collection management is undertaken.
  • Develop loan security regime and due diligence framework for all products.
  • Develop loan monitoring framework and its implementation and ensure safeguarding of all security documents for the portfolio.

Budget Management of Unit

  • Manage, control the capital and operational budget of the Unit to ensure effective and efficient functioning within budgetary constraints of the organisation.
  • Evaluate the unit’s performance against the approved budget and addressing deviations/variances.
  • Monitor, recommend and implement corrective measures to rectify deviations/acts contrary to budgetary provisions, financial regulations, audit requirements and departmental procedures.
  • Authorise requisitions, payments, etc. regarding expenditure as delegated.
  • Prepare and present reports detailing the status of expenditure and availability of funds for current and short-term interventions.
  • Prepare budget transfer requests and submit for approval.
  • Sound planning and forecasting of capital expenditure within area of responsibility.

People Management

  • Assign responsibilities and ensure effective task authorisation protocols are in place.
  • Implement staff development and training to achieve overall organisational objectives.
  • Develop and implement succession plans.
  • Adhere to employment equity and recruitment policies.
  • Manage the performance of direct and indirect reports in accordance with the organisation's performance management policy and procedure.
  • Identify training and development needs, implementing plans to address requirements, as appropriate.
  • Manage discipline and absenteeism in accordance with organizational codes and procedures.
  • Motivate staff through the implementation of various reward mechanisms."

Development of policies, procedures, and systems for all funding products

  • Develop funding frameworks for the funding solutions and ensure compliance with the relevant legislation, inclusive of the following categories:
  1. Short- and long-term loan products
  2. Risk capital
  3. Partnerships and resource mobilisation
  4. Micro lending"
  • Develop Standard Operating Procedures for all products.

Customer and Stakeholder Management

  • Conduct stakeholder mapping and relationship building sessions for purposes of establishing expectations and feedback on the organisation's regional performance.
  • Build and lead an effective team that works collaboratively with others toward achieving organisational goals.
  • Gauge the performance of various teams and recommend areas that need improvement and changes to achieve the expected targets.
  • Identify and facilitate staff development and training interventions to achieve overall organisational objectives.
  • Provide exemplary advice and support to the CEO, Board and Senior Management team in relation to stakeholder engagement issues and activities.
  • Arrange, attend, and contribute to meetings with key stakeholders and manage expectations.


  • Post Graduate Degree in Commerce (Business Management / Economics/ Finance /etc.) or Development or Entrepreneurship studies.
  • Minimum of 10 years working experience of which 5 years should be at an enterprise finance, SMME support or economic development environment at a middle management or senior consultancy level.



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