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Job title: Maintenance Practitioner (Fitter AND Turner)
Employment type: Full Time
Experience: 5 to 10 years
Salary: Negotiable
Job published: 18 November 2021
Job reference no: 3593982289

Job Description


  • Grade 12 with Mathematics and Science as subjects
  • Trade Tested Fitter and Turner
  • N4 Mechanical theory including subjects related to precision machining (advantageous)
  • 5 years’ experience in heavy industry
  • South African citizen, currently residing in Port Elizabeth / Uitenhage



To conduct mechanical maintenance and repairs on plant and equipment and manufacture precision machined parts in a safe and efficient manner




  • Conduct continuous risk assessments in the workplace
  • Conduct planned task observations in the workplace
  • Identify potential hazards and critical safety issues in the workplace
  • Address workplace hazards and risks
  • Apply safety, health and environment practices and legal requirements when working on machines and equipment

Quality Management System:

  • Comply with the requirements of the maintenance quality systems

Policies and Procedures:

  • Operate according to standard operating procedures and within the parameters of applicable legislation



Financial Control:

  • Monitor performance against budget (expense controls, variances, etc.)
  • Participate in the audit process
  • Adhere to financial policies and procedures
  • Protect company assets (working capital and fixed assets)
  • Detect and prevent fraud
  • Promote good corporate governance



Customer Relations:

  • Foster and maintain customer relations within the production and process environment

Supplier Relations:

  • Foster and maintain supplier relations
  • Identify opportunities for improvements with suppliers within the production and process environment



Maintenance Process (Scheduled):

  • Receive maintenance schedules, interpret instructions and plan maintenance and repair work
  • Inspect the tooling and determine spares and consumables requirements
  • Generate job requisitions for scheduled maintenance work (type of repair or maintenance, spares, quantities, time, etc.)
  • Transport tools, equipment and spares to the worksite
  • Isolate equipment, perform lockouts and make the work area safe
  • Conduct preventive maintenance activities
  • Perform changeovers in the production environment
  • Count stock for a stock take integrity check (check spares condition during the count)

Maintenance Process (Breakdown):

  • Attend to machine breakdowns of a mechanical/electrical nature for all equipment under engineering functional control
  • Update the responsible person on progress of repairs
  • Escalate the problem to the next level if it cannot be resolved successfully
  • Capture all information related to the breakdown to aid in determining the root cause
  • File job requisition upon completion of repair

Mechanical Maintenance:

  • Perform routine maintenance
  • Align machines and equipment
  • Diagnose and repair faults on equipment and machinery during production/operation
  • Commission and refurbish machines / equipment
  • Operate and monitor a drilling machine to produce simple components
  • Operate and monitor a lathe to produce simple components
  • Operate and monitor a milling machine to produce simple components
  • Operate and monitor a surface grinding machine to produce simple components
  • Operate the Electrical Discharge Machine (EDM) to seal moulds
  • Perform basic and MIG/TIG welding of metals
  • Grind tools and drill bits
  • Maintain mechanical equipment (indirect and direct drives, pipe systems, static seals, bearings, brakes and clutches, direct drives, dynamic seals, heat exchangers and pressure vessels, lubricating systems, pumps, conveyor systems, compressors, fluid power / pneumatic / vacuum systems, gearboxes, safety valves)

Tooling and Machining Maintenance:

  • Change and set tooling

Fabrication and Machining:

  • Form and shape sheet metal using hand or power operated machines
  • Cut, drill and punch, assemble and mechanically join structural steel work
  • Cut materials using the oxy-fuel gas cutting process (manual cutting)
  • Join metals using the resistance welding process
  • Assemble and mechanically join sheet, plate, tube, pipe and steel sections
  • Weld workpiece (oxy-acetylene welding, shielded metal arc welding, gas metal arc welding, gas tungsten arc welding)
  • Remove metals using oxy-fuel and air-carbon arc gouging processes

Maintenance Process (Post Maintenance):

  • Test and commission machinery or equipment prior to handover
  • Complete the planned maintenance schedule (work completed, work not completed, spares used, spares not available, time taken, observations, problems, etc.)
  • Identify any other work required (including additional spares)
  • Clean up after completion of job and inform the responsible person that the maintenance has been completed to the required standard

Engineering Projects:

Project Initiation:
• Contribute to project initiation, scope definition and scope change control and work as a valuable team member
• Participate in the estimation and preparation of cost budget for a project or sub project and monitor and control actual cost against budget

Project Planning:
• Schedule project activities to facilitate effective project execution
• Monitor, evaluate and communicate project schedules

Project Management:
• Contribute to the management of project risk within own field of expertise
• Supervise a project team of a technical project if and when requested
• Provide assistance within the project in the field of your expertise

Project Administration:
• Support project meetings and workshops when required to do so

Continuous Improvement:

  • Participate in continuous improvement drives


  • Complete Maintenance Time Sheets (nature of work, time spent to repair and material/spares used)