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Job title: Programme Manager
Employment type: Full Time
Experience: 4 to 6 years
Salary: Negotiable
Job published: 29 November 2021
Job reference no: 2442821154

Job Description


The primary objective of the Programme Manager: Facilities Management is to deliver functional world-class buildings & structures. In pursuance of this primary objective, the Programme Manager is required to: -

  • Manage Facility Managers activities within a Programme;
  • Facilities Management Services for the dedicated facilities being executed
  • Take responsibility for the building & structures;
  • Prepare budgets for the Unit;
  • Life-cycle costing for facilities;
  • Advise the EM Operations / Unit Head: Facilities Management on the appropriate mechanisms for providing the building & structures where necessary;
  • Interpret, formulate and implement world’s best practices and standards;
  • Develop, implement and ensure compliance to Quality Management System;
  • Oversee the physical planning and design of the buildings and structures and when necessary undertake periodic revisions and updates to technical plans;
  • Ensure co-ordination and integration of designated projects for the SEZ buildings & structures;
  • Assist in identifying, evaluating and selecting appropriate utility service providers;
  • Establish and maintain sound working relationships with the developers and the relevant appropriate statutory bodies;
  • Review and update the Asset Management Plans for facilities;
  • Implement Preventative and Proactive Maintenance (PPM) to all facilities;
  • Timely response to all ad hoc calls assigned to Manager;
  • Update CMMS and Call Centre on timely basis on progress of PPM and ad hoc requests;
  • Produce service provider performance reports;
  • Assist to improve the processes associated with physical development, operation and maintenance of infrastructure;
  • Prepare Monthly technical reports;
  • Provide the company with Project Management skills;
  • Co-ordinate day-to-day programme related activities in their Programme;
  • Custodian of the Programme’s Value Proposition and accountable for its implementation;
  • Responsible for relationship and stakeholder management and attends all programme related meetings;
  • Ensures collation, packaging and timeous submission of quality information that might be required from time to time on programme related matters for reporting to internal and external customers;
  • Responsible for collation and packaging of progress reports;
  • Collates Programme performance information for reporting;



Overall co-ordination of designated projects

  • Ensuring overall co-ordination of facilities management activities;
  • Ensure assets are designed in accordance to standards having duly considered buildability and operability of assets;
  • Ensuring that the projects as a whole moves towards realising the vision for the organization;
  • Manage the current facilities and other business plans, which may be prepared in due course;
  • Convening meetings as necessary and taking responsibility for conduct of Technical Meetings, Steering Committee Meetings and other ad hoc meetings for designated project.


  • To oversee and facilitate the planning, design and implementation of buildings & structures.

Promote vision

  • To promote the values, mission, vision, policies and strategies adopted by the organization from time to time.


  • To monitor progress of all buildings & structures in terms of budget and implementation programmes.
  • To monitor performance of consultants, sub-consultants, suppliers, developers and concessionaires within buildings & structures.

Stakeholder involvement

  • To interact with different role-players, interested and affected parties, stakeholders and implementing agents impacted by or impacting on the buildings & structures.


  • To prepare reports and position papers as required and directed by the Unit Head: Facilities Management and Executive Manager of Operations.

Furthermore, you are to ensure that:

  • You are aware of and have access to the companies SHEMS;
  • You are aware of your responsibilities and duties as laid out in the SHEMS;
  • You are aware that you work in a safe and environmentally friendly manner;
  • You ensure that the company’s housekeeping standards are maintained throughout your area of responsibility;
  • You report any unsafe conditions or acts which you cannot rectify yourself to your SHE representative or to the Senior SHE Project Manager as soon as possible;
  • You report all SHE incidents which occur within your area of responsibility promptly and in the correct format;
  • You are totally familiar with your responsibilities in terms of the emergency plan;
  • You communicate to the Senior SHE Project Manager any required changes to the SHEMS prior to implementing these changes;
  • You timeously complete and correctly record any corrective action which needs to be taken in order to rectify a SHE matter;
  • You give full co-operation to, and participate in (as required), the internal and external SHEMS audits.

You have the authority to:

  • Immediately stop any person(s) on property from committing an unsafe or destructive act or omission;
  • Take whatever immediate steps you deem necessary to prevent injury or environmental damage when confronted with an unsafe or destructive condition.

Additionally, ensure that:

  • During your period of employment and subsequent thereto, you shall keep confidential and shall not make use of, directly or indirectly, and shall not disclose any of the companies trade secrets or confidential information or those of its subsidiary or associate companies or those of other persons who have made disclosures to the companies under conditions of confidentiality, other than to persons authorized by the organization or those employed by it who are required to know such secrets or to have such information for the purpose of their employment.
  • You shall not, without the written permission of the CEO, be directly or indirectly employed for gain in any business or pursuit. Such permission will be granted only if the CEO is satisfied that the activity is not in conflict with the organization interests, and that the Employee’s ability to fulfil his/her duties to the CEO satisfaction will not be impaired.
  • It is conditional that you and/or no immediate relative or member of my household be employed by an organisation in direct competition with the companies, without the organizational written approval. The organization reserves the right to enquire as to the place of employment of my spouse or any member of my household.
  • You will abide by the Code of Conduct and Ethics Policy which seeks to codify the expected ethical behavior from me, to meet the ideal of good corporate governance.


  • A Degree in Civil Engineering or similar qualification within the Built environment
  • Minimum 15 years of experience in the field
  • Completed a formal certified Management course with a recognized institution as part of continued education.
  • Managerial and leadership skills;
  • Can oversee a large number of projects of varying degrees of complexity - up to 200;
  • Good communication skills and report writing; Can provide insights across other Clusters and across other BU;
  • + Level 4 requirements;
  • Manages Customer Relations effectively;
  • Can assist the Can liaise with multiple stakeholders (political, technical, labour unions, community representatives) at senior level;
  • Has proven Client with needs assessment at project initiation stage and with prioritization of Client Programmes;
  • Can develop Business Plans;