Why Choose Abantu Staffing Solutions?

Our Selection Process

We believe in understanding our client’s recruitment requirements, company culture and business before taking on any new projects and ensuring the placement of capable people into long-term jobs. This involves assigning a Key Account Team.  The Key Account Team will ensure that they understand your company’s culture and recruitment needs. They will also be your point of contact for all search recruitment requirements – permanent, contract or temp vacancies.


Job Profiling

Together with HR & Line.



Advertised Recruitment & Screening Interviews.


Short listing

Selecting the best suited candidates.


Presentation of CV’s

Professional recommendations to you by us.

The necessity for pre-employment and on-going post-employment screening will never be eliminated. The consequences of negligent hiring will always dictate that thorough vetting is a crucial step in an employer’s placement procedure. The reality is that the number of job seekers grows disproportionately to the numbers of jobs available in the market. This discrepancy is the fuel that keeps CV-fraud “fire” alive. Our Service Providers offer a host of services that will enhance your organisation’s capacity to confirm the validity and authenticity of an individual’s credentials. These services help to provide a comprehensive and reliable profile of a candidate, assisting employers to make sound decisions regarding the suitability of an individual for employment.


As a Standard Operating Procedure, Reference Checks are included in our Placement Fee Percentage. A number of additional checks are available on request. Our Vetting Service Provider was established in 1988, and is the leading provider of background and pre-employment screening services in South Africa, concentrating exclusively on verifying the personal credentials of candidates on behalf of Abantu Staffing Solutions.

“I am convinced that nothing we do is more important than hiring and developing people. At the end of the day you bet on people, not on strategies.”


Abantu Clients


Registered Candidates



Your Strategic Partner

We believe that we must not only be a Human Resources and Recruitment Service Provider, but a Strategic Partner in order to build on-going business relationships with not only our clients, but our Candidates and Applicants as well, in the Eastern Cape and across South Africa.


In order to achieve this goal, the following objectives are taken into account:

  • Advise and access the market
  • Pre-screening of candidates
  • Providing high quality of candidates
  • Assist in ensuring that appointed candidates are retained for a longer period and achieve their own future goals
  • To familiarize ourselves with the culture of the company to avoid recruiting the right person with the right skills, qualifications and experience, but they do not fit the culture of the client’s company
  • Ensuring constant engagement with the Client so that both parties can work towards the organisations’ goals

Through the relationships we have built with our Service Providers who are regularly keeping us up to date the above is achieved through daily implementation of the following:

  • Labour Law Updates provided on a daily basis
  • Market trends
  • BKCOB Salary Surveys
  • APSO Membership
  • Articles provided regarding trends and techniques within the Recruitment Industry
  • Up to date and a technologically supportive electronic database
  • Keeping abreast of todays’ interactive media and information technology
  • Attending workshops and ongoing training provided for the Recruitment Industry by Training Leaders and APSO
  • Attending seminars regularly provided by SARS and various Service SETAs
  • Making use of various internet portals through which we not only advertise positions but also source candidates
  • Conducting CBI techniques and comprehensive referencing based on the CBI system
  • Regular follow up visits and calls to our placed candidates and the Management and HR Departments of the Client

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