Taxation Laws Amendment Act 2013 (TLAA) from 1 March 2015

Recent communication regarding the retirement reform changes introduced by the Taxation Laws Amendment Act 2013 (TLAA) from 1 March 2015 – The practical implications of these changes are that employer payroll systems, as well as IRP5s/IT3(a)s (tax certificates) issued by employers to employees, will have to change….

Choosing a TES provider

With the current uncertainty around the temporary employment services (TES) regulations, many companies are worried about engaging new TES suppliers or beginning new contracts. And because of the joint and several liability risks that already exist under current legislation, this is a critical decision that…

Picking a Recruitment Partner

Choosing a recruitment agency is an important decision, after all, the agency is an extension of your company in the minds of candidates and you definitely don’t want desirable candidates to be turned off by their interactions with your recruiter. Partnering with the right agency…